What you should do outside the car in traffic

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What you should do outside the car in traffic

The average reaction of human being to an accident is around 0.75 seconds. If a car is running at a speed of 60km/h it drives 12.4m before the deceleration starts. At a 100km/h this distance is as high as 24.8m. Then a breaking distance of around of 40m is required. Therefore we are suggested to keep a distance of at least 50 meter from the vehicle in front of us.

Warning triangle

If your car breaks down on the road, the first thing you might want to do is putting a reflective triangle 50-200 meters behind your car to prevent your car from being hit by upcoming traffic. But no matter how much you love your car, you should realize that your life is far more valuable than the car. You should love yourselves as you love your car. Click here to see our warning triangle.

Safety Vest

EC SAFETY suggests to store a reflective safety vest or a reflective safety jacket in the cabinet as many governments in Europe already required. As the quality of the safety vest is as diversified as their market prices, how can we choose a qualified one for our safety? Click here to see our safety vest.

ISO certificate: EN ISO 20471:2013

EN ISO 20471:2013 was released by European Commission as a standard that reflective safety vests must comply with. Using such a vest helps other drivers to see you clearly on the road and that is especially true in dark and foggy circumstances.

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