Chinese Self-Driving Mode

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Chinese Self-Driving Mode

China Spring Festival maybe the most popular festival in the world, because it is over 1.4billion people celebrate it in the same period. The most popular way to celebrate this holiday in China is traveling. According to the data from China International Truism Administration , Guangdong is the No. 1 province that get most income from tourist industry during the Spring Festival , which reach 36.64 billion till 3rd Feb, 2017.  Department of Traffic of Guangdong Province released a data on 4th Feb 2017 that there were over 5 millions vehicles travel in highways in Guangdong, with 32% growth compare to the data in 2016.

Youth in China prefer self-driving for their trips because of the time flexibility. And because of their stronger awareness in safety, they are more willing to equip their car with reliable necessary products.

What items drivers in China would like to equip

  1. Car Recorder

Roads are too crowed during the holiday. With the record in car recorder can avoid unnecessary argument

  1. First Aid Kit

Prepare a first aid kit in car is not resisted by young Chinese anymore. Well prepared for unknown accident is always better than poor preparation for real need.

  1. Wheel pumper

Car safety is important

Road situation in many cities are not as good as many developed countries , so equip a wheel pumper in car will help a lot when you meet flat tyre but can not find repair shop in a shop time.

What do you recommend driver in China to prepare in the car once they drive out for a trip? Share your smart ideas to help more people enjoy a wonderful journey with their loves.

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